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Northern Bypass

Join us as we press for the long overdue Northern Bypass bring various benefits (such as reducing air pollution in the town, reducing Felixstowe HGVs, reducing congestion, alternative routes when roads are closed due to an RTC or roadworks etc) for the Greater Ipswich area in particular Ipswich and Kesgrave.
My visit to Ipswich Town Centre today
So weather a bit wet, a little drizzle (very slight) this is my experience. Walking into town from Handford Road, it is good to see the continued work on the Wolsey Theatre annex/extension (yes, not too ambitious compared to developing a cultural quarter, but good to see something happening! ) crossed Civic Drive at the light to go down Elm Street past the magistrates court (opposite side of the road where the permanent temporary car park is) quite quiet.
Whittards looks like its closing!
I didn't read all the details on the blanked out windows but from the gist it looks like they are closing down the Ipswich Tavern St branch. I've not heard mention of this elsewhere, no aware of any national problems with the chain and the message on the window mentioned being happy to see as at their other stores! So how very sad is that.
"Goodbye once beautiful Ipswich, I am very sad to see you die this way"
Just something I stumbled across online titled "What happened to this town? " by someone born and raised in Colchester. Makes interesting reading.
A14 Orwell Bridge Overview of Aerodynamics Study
As published by Ipswich Borough Council. Skipping the full content (most is information they always include like facts about the bridge) with brief snippets:- This is quite interesting. .
Sandy Martin complains about HMRC receipt references
Former Ipswich MP, Sandy Martin has complained about receiving a "submission receipt reference number" on submission of his tax return, arguing that it is "not user friendly". If anyone wants to know what a 32 character (digits are characters too Sandy! ) code looks like.
Sandy Martin: Ipswich's Clown
Here are a few videos you wouldn't have seen of Labour's Ipswich candidate Sandy Martin:- Hugs a "really brilliant wild animal", promises to make the fox hunting ban stronger Suffolk's hardest working MP with footage of 2017 election result Hi, I am Sandy Martin: Vote Labour Polling Day: do you want a Conservative MP/Government? 4K Fox Tom Hunt (now Ipswich MP) is pro fox hunting.
Ipswich northern bypass result on the way – but no decision soon
Ipswich northern bypass result on the way – but no decision soon. The findings of the consultation into plans for a new northern bypass across Ipswich are to be published by the end of this month – but any decision on what happens next is still likely to be some time away. Continue reading.
Tom Hunt Ipswich MP: 20 questions
Tom Hunt has undertook the Westminster Digital "20 questions" initiative. Briefly. Constituency: Ipswich New Years Eve: Croydon dinner party Best 2019 moment: Getting elected Favourite TV: Game of Thrones Favourite Prime Minister: Churchill Favourite Chocolate: Galaxy Best thing about being an MP: Representing people Worst thing about being an MP: Size of the mail bag!
Princes Street Car Park Extension
Great news! Ipswich is to see another temporary car park opening up by Ipswich Borough Council. The car garage on Princes Street will be demolished and will become an extension to the temporary car park on the site of the former Drum & Monkey pub.
Bus fares rise as First Group increases prices on several Suffolk routes
Bus fares rise as First Group increases prices on several Suffolk routes. First Eastern Counties have raised fares on many of its day, week, month and annual bus tickets in Suffolk. Continue reading.
Northern Bypass: Spring 1995 Public Consultation
Suffolk County Council Highways:- Ipswich Northern Bypass: Public Consultation Spring 1995.
Northern Bypass: Moving Around In Ipswich
A document from 1991 in regards to the Northern Bypass and other transport options. Northern Bypass Kesgrave Bypass Western Fringe Schemes East Bank Route Wet Dock Bridge/Wet Dock Crossing Car Pooling Staggered Hours Light Rail Transit Conventional Rail Park & Ride Bus Priority Demand Management Traffic Management Environmental Protection New Roads Northern Bypass and Kesgrave Bypass £45m (1990s) Northern Bypass and Kesgrave Bypass, Wet Dock Crossing, East Bank Route and Western Fringe Schemes £120m (1990s) It is really frustrating.
Ipswich to lose Waterstones?
It appears the Waterstones unit is (subject to vacant possession) Likely to be the bookstore chain negotiating rent and the landlord sticking the unit on the market to avoid needing to budge, the estate agents suggest it would make an ideal restaurant. (Although the unit seems larger, so possibly Waterstones will reduce their store size. ).

Ipswich Buses start taking late running buses seriously after 16 months, disciplines driver

Jenny has been frequently complaining about either a late running or not running early morning bus service. This has gone on deaf ears for over 16 months, then something strange has happened, General Manager Stephen Bryce has publicly tweeted to say he will look into it. Above in September 2018, the typical canned response of being passed on to the Operational Team, below the General Manager responding from his personal Twitter account.

The Winerack: completion

Congratulations are in order that the WineRack has pretty much been completed. Just looking at photos posted by Ipswich Society on their Facebook page. what are all the ugly concrete pillars about? They are (obviously) functional. but the whole development would have looked so much better had these been hidden (especially the Eastern side) or cladded in some way.
John Norman's latest on the Cornhill
The Ipswich Society chairman opens the first newsletter of Ipswich Society's 60th anniversary year with his remarks on the Cornhill which he refers to as a "long running saga". A well balanced piece of criticism where he reigns in to prevent saying too much to upset the council. His final sentence on the matter is to say "I’m not sure we’re there yet.

Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 9 (2020)

The Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 9 post! Northern Bypass ("Northern Route") Business Case The initial business case was due end of 2019 (originally by autumn 2019). This wasn't deemed likely and the General Election ensured it wasn't going to be released. This should be first quarter of 2020 release. Once released a link will be shared here for viewing.

Very Bitter Sandy Martin fails to thank 19,473 Ipswich people that voted for him in the 2019 General Election

Sandy Martin has broken his Twitter silence to promote (and in one instance complain about) the coverage of his defeat speech. I had seen various clips of this. went on his website and looked on social media, Sandy Martin hasn't even bothered to thank almost twenty thousand people that came out to vote for him in the winter General Election or to thank his political party for all their hard work with door to door campaigning. He obviously had the whole of Friday to calm down and reflect, but hasn't to my knowledge bothered to thank anybody.

St Peters Street Market

Sandy Martin claims another successful St Peters Street Market. But looking at the submitted photo shows only a handful of people about (especially if you exclude Sandy and Cathy). Frustrates me how Ipswich is unable to organise a market. .

Labour Fox: Sandy Martin brings up fox-hunting on his election campaign

It's time for real change. but not the end of dirty politics. Ipswich Labour and Sandy Martin are bringing up fox-hunting in the latest low for this election, despite waiting until after the Conservatives (the nasty party) published their manifesto, without the inclusion of a policy to repeal the fox-hunting ban. This comes from a man who was quick to thank all other candidates for a respectful campaign in the 2017 snap General Election, during his acceptance speech. This was quite unnecessary, and shows how desperate they are expecting him not to retain his seat.

Christchurch Park

Wooden post stanchion with metal chains have been installed around David Ellesmere's local park, Christchurch Park. Ipswich Society has referred to this as "chain link fencing" which it clearly isn't. They might be wooden but clearly aren't newly planted trees either! Various theories as to what this is about - Ipswich Society thinks it is about people walking over "spring bulbs" - commentators suggest it is about illegal camping. Some suggests gypsies but more likely homeless people.

Suffolk Records Office: The Hold

The Hold: Suffolk's new record office is coming along nicely. just looks like it will be dated in 5 years. Maybe that is the concept, but I feel new builds should be relatively future proof.

Ipswich Buses: marketing material you can barely read

Here is hoping in 2020 that Ipswich Buses can deliver something positive to report on. But until then, their latest social media marketing campaign is all blurry and unprofessional. I have included the tweet text so you know it isn't over-compression on our part. .

Ipswich Buses: Contactless Payments showing up as random companies

An unusual one. Someone using Barclays App, has seen their Ipswich Buses contactless payments attributed to various random companies including a limo firm and a hairdressers. Either Ipswich Buses has found a way to give other local businesses money, being the reason they are in such financial hardship LOL or perhaps the ticket machine taking the card payment or phone reports the GPS location. and Barclays takes it upon themselves to determine which business it might be. Taking into considering the GPS on the device is unlikely to be quite so accurate.

Ipswich Buses: Doomed under a Labour Government

A snippet of the Labour Party's manifesto confirms "Under 25" bus travel will be free under municipal bus operators. Not getting into the General Election itself, Ipswich Buses has recently put up bus fares again, is posting losses and running buses with smashed windscreens, if the terms are the same as the current concessionary fares - it will be game over for Ipswich Buses (and many other operators). You couldn't make it up. the orange bus shape looks familiar. ours aren't "100% electric" though.

Ipswich Buses: severely cracked windscreens

At least two of the newer "green" double deckers - YR61 RPV and YR61 RVF - have cracked windscreens upstairs. Both are in. Neither poses an immediate danger to the public. .
New Ipswich Buses ticket app should make trips around town easier
New Ipswich Buses ticket app should make trips around town easier. Ipswich Buses has introduced a new mobile phone app to make it easier for passengers to buy multi-trip tickets for the company’s services in the area. Continue reading.

Ipswich Buses App: Promotes rival First's bus services

Ipswich Buses on Google Play. Slight problem though, the app screenshots seem to show bus services from rival bus companies, and none of Ipswich Buses! Why would you have a digital multi-journey bus pass app which shows all your competitor services? Google suggests only is an Ipswich Buses service (which is one service morning and afternoon for a school in Debenham! ) which doesn't show visible under upcoming vehicles (other than the listing) for obvious reasons.

Ipswich Buses: Councillor complaints about inflation beating fare rises

Ric Hardacre, a Babergh District Councillor has written to the bus company to complain about the most recent bus fare increases. It is not know whether Ipswich Borough Councillors have done similar. The letter is as below.

Ipswich Buses App: "Easier Faster Better" (just not cheaper)

Ipswich Buses are launching a mobile phone ticketing app this. It will allow you to buy tickets (plus gift them to others), receive service alerts, look at maps and timetables, find bus stops and see real time information. They call it "Easier Faster Better". not sure about the word "better" but we certainly know it won't be cheaper! Although until the end of the year they are freezing their multi-ticket prices on the app.

Ipswich Buses: Disposing of staff

More information is revealed on social media regarding bus drivers being disposed of. Ipswich Buses: Mass Exodus or Strike expected in 2020.

Ipswich Buses: Already ripping off passengers

Here is a Twitter question to Ipswich Buses regarding someone's wife being charged full adult fare £3. 80 from Ravenswood to Landseer Road. seems a bit steep! .

Ipswich Buses: a month into the future

Distracted by the General Election of the 12th December 2019, Ipswich Buses service update twitter got the date wrong today. a month in advance. which might be petty, other than 14 hours later (snapshot of 3 hours earlier) it hadn't been corrected. Lack of attention to detail, hardly rocket science! .

Ipswich Buses eyeing up Colchester Park & Ride?

Rumours on the grapevine is Ipswich Buses are trying to reverse the losses of their Ipswich network following the loss of the Ipswich Park & Ride contract, by attempting to obtain Colchester Park & Ride. Why not focus on your home market?

10 years of change on Ipswich high street

Ipswich Star's feature on looking back at the differences between 2008 and 2019 (! ) in Ipswich High Street Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Discussion here.
Suffolk Chamber: Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has launched a for place management with (we assume their Norfolk counterpart) called Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited. No, we haven't heard of it either, so how is it going to bring investment? Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited is based at Norwich Research Park.

Ipswich Buses: Mass Exodus or Strike expected in 2020

On news of bus fare increases, it has been revealed the bus company is in crisis. New management are bullying out staff. I have been receiving numerous reports that members of staff are either being forced to resign or have been dismissed. Some of which, are bus drivers that have been employed by the company for a few decades. This can only get worse with bus drivers putting up with customer complaints and abuse with the new fare rises.

Bus stops on busy Ipswich routes set to be moved

Bus stops on busy Ipswich routes set to be moved. Bus stops on key routes in Ipswich are set to be moved, sparking objections from neighbours over loss of parking spaces and road safety. .
Northern bypass, children’s centres – what local decisions are being delayed by General Election 2019?
Northern bypass, children’s centres – what local decisions are being delayed by General Election 2019? Big decisions anticipated for the end of this year are facing a delay as a result of the General Election announcement. Continue reading.

Ipswich Labour still claims Alex Mayer as Labour MEP

The European Elections seem to have been ages ago, yet Ipswich Labour are still showing Alex Mayer as a MEP. She lost her seat months ago. This website should have been updated. This screenshot was from today, after the start of the election campaign. .
Why Suffolk won’t see electoral pacts in General Election 2019
Why Suffolk won’t see electoral pacts in General Election 2019. Will tactical voting play a part in this year’s general election? And what will we see any electoral pacts in seats in Suffolk or north Essex?

Sandy Martin demands compensation from Greater Anglia for wasted half an hour

Sandy Martin begins the 2019 General Election campaign rubbing up his constituents the wrong way. Obviously intended as solidarity with commuters over a poor train service (with a view to Labour Party nationalisation) he complains about "half an hour of my life wasted" requesting Greater Anglia to compensate him. Sorry Sandy, it isn't too uncommon for an Ipswich Buses service to not turn up or be delayed during rush hour. half an hour delay across Ipswich with public transport connection partly due to traffic congestion isn't uncommon. Likely the same with other operators.
Poulter presents petition opposing northern bypass to Parliament
Poulter presents petition opposing northern bypass to Parliament. A petition calling for plans for an Ipswich northern bypass to be abandoned has been presented to Parliament by Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter. Continue reading.

Ipswich Buses: disability discrimination by drivers is systematic

Only this morning did we report about abuse disabled people receive from drivers using Ipswich Buses, now another complaint has came in the same day from a partially sighted public transport user. It is unlikely both passengers complaining were on a bus with the same bus driver at a different time. Ipswich Buses need to discipline these drivers and send all drivers on an enhanced training course regarding disabilities and customer service. What was clearly noticeable is how Ipswich Buses had not responded to the earlier complaint in office hours but did respond to other queries.

Sandy Martin resurrects Northern Bypass agenda for 2019 General Election

Such a disappointment. So much inaction from Sandy. first day of General Election 2019 campaign, he remembers that people wanted a Northern Bypass. something he "called for" a few times and failed to meet with government ministers about - apparently. Yet he didn't do anything for the consultation.

Ipswich Buses: drivers continue to abuse disabled passengers

Another day, another awful experience for a disabled person using Ipswich Buses. A wheelchair user has complained about a driver who:- Didn't want to get out of his seat to use the ramp to help her on the bus Was aggressive ordering her onto the bus before other passengers Left the driver cab door open - failed to close it Spoke negatively about her towards other passengers Totally unacceptable.

Ipswich Buses: Incorrect destination information

It appears bus drivers are operating routes with the wrong destination information displayed. One woman got on a bus yesterday with the number 3 destination - despite Route 3 does not go to SW Ipswich, being a SE Ipswich bus service - only for it to actually be a Route 13 service. Today, she gets on a bus displaying 12 which goes past Mallard Way roundabout to do the 13 Route. Which is probably an easy mistake to do but instead of checking and correcting the error the bus driver yesterday allegedly was rude to the passenger.

What Sandy thinks: Democratic Socialism

From his website,. on "Democratic Socialism". I learnt a lot reading this. Sandy Martin owns a toothbrush! He should definitely not operate a free house as he couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery (probably something to do with zero alcohol or alcohol free drinks).
Cornhill Deckchairs, fountains, monoliths and flowerbeds appear on Google Streetview
The images captured in April 2019 - which includes the Cornhill Revamp complete with wooden deckchairs, water fountains in operation, monoliths, flowerbeds with warning signs and empty Grimwade unit in Pret colours - have recently gone live on Google Streetview. This is going to look so odd when the next ones are taken without monoliths and deckchairs lol.

Sandy Martin gears up for General Election with 5 YouTube videos

Must be an election coming up. Sandy Martin has recorded 5 individual videos with generic Labour pledges. Pledge 1- NHS. Sandy Martin is outside the Garrett Anderson Centre obscuring the sign with his head. Pledge 2 - Living Wage.

Ipswich Buses to divert south west bus services via Civic Drive for weeks

It is getting to that time. Ipswich Buses to divert buses ad hoc on Saturdays and other congested periods such as late night shopping without any prior warning to passengers. All south west services - 12, 13, 14, 15, 15A and 16 - will be avoiding Friars Street (inbound) and Museum Street (outbound), instead using Civic Drive in both directions. ( except: 15A avoids Museum Street outbound and 15 avoids Friars Street etc. inbound ) It has already began.

Is it immoral to show off the 'eco friendly' DEMO bus as bus fares rise?

Considering the bus company is struggling to balance the books despite taxpayer bail out and subsidy, is it right for Ipswich Buses to use demo buses in their publicity and exhibitions? More so, is it right to coincide their fare rises when they have a demo bus and dishonestly request feedback, despite not remotely interested in or able to invest in one or more of the buses? Previously, demo buses have been at the Suffolk Show and on the Cornhill. Ipswich Buses does not own the bus which is effectively like taking a photo with a car on a test drive.

Ipswich residents react to 'overcharging' by Ipswich Buses

Ipswich residents on Facebook are angry over further bus fare increases. It appears some are already using a shared taxi because its cheaper and others are considering doing the same. Most blame the price rises for the damage to the high street. Many are saying its cheaper to park their car (such as £1 Crown Car Park or free on Sundays) than use the bus. Some are arguing the bigger issue is the poor service with the cost of using the bus - with one person saying the service gets more severely worse the more the fare rises.

[Archive] Petition of the deselection of Sandy Martin

Searching Ipswich on change. org petitions, I found an old petition of 91 people petitioning for Ipswich MP Sandy Martin. Here are the comments from this petition. "He should represent his constituency. " "I voted leave along with the majority of Ipswich voters.
Ipswich Buses ticket prices set to rise from November
Ipswich Buses ticket prices set to rise from November. Fares on Ipswich Buses are set to go up by 10p for most singles and 20p for most return journeys from the middle of November. Continue reading.

Ipswich Buses Announce Town Fare Revisions Starting 17th November 2019

Ipswich Buses owned by Ipswich Borough Council has announced bus fare increases - yes AGAIN!

Sandy Martin complains about First and SCC, ignores IBC and Ipswich Buses

Sandy Martin doesn't get involved in poor public transport debates which is dominated by Ipswich Buses - primarily because they operate the most routes in the town. He blames Suffolk County Council (Tory) and First Group. avoids criticising Ipswich Buses and owner Ipswich Borough Council (Labour). Funny that. Although he isn't bothered about local public transport either!

Ipswich Buses: new Accounts reveal £388k loss

Oh dear, they haven't turned it around. Despite the increase in bus fares, the loss was £388k, up £126k from £262k previously. Goodness knows what this current year's performance is like, the accounts refer to 30 March 2019. This is despite the council's own accounts revealing a £195K at Ipswich Buses. We reported this here on IPSWI.

Ipswich Buses: inconsiderate bus driver causes disabled mum a bruised hand

Some really great drivers, and then you get inconsiderate clowns. A woman obviously with mobility issues - as is using a walking stick - had to struggle getting on and off the bus, as a bus driver refused and failed to lower the bus. A standard feature across the entire bus fleet. To make matters worse, the bus driver didn't wait for the disabled woman to be seated, which caused a nasty injury to her hand. This is inexcusable.

Ipswich Buses: Bus driver took and binned girls multi-journey bus ticket

A 11 year old girl has her multi-journey bus ticket confiscated - I presume it wasn't valid for the journey - and the bus driver binned it instead of returning the ticket. The girl used a different form of payment for that bus but the driver shooed her off the bus when she requested it back. This was posted without response from Ipswich Buses. Looking into it, the 193 bus service (one journey morning and afternoon, contract) is "Carters Heritage Buses" rather than Ipswich Buses. It seems her friend gets a different bus, so she went with her on that bus.

Ed Sheeran Ipswich Trail

For half-term someone (probably from Ipswich Borough Council) has devised a mini-trail carrying Ed Sheeran's name. It features 9 locations - 2 thirds are generic places of interest - the other 3 are pubs. Let's explore it. ITFC, Portman Road Steamboat Tavern Waterfront - University of Suffolk The Swan pub Town Hall, Cornhill Ipswich Museum Halberd Inn (previously McGinty's) Christchurch Park Christchurch Mansion 14 car parks but not the ones in Portman Road! So it is the usual suspects, Ipswich Waterfront, Town Hall, Ipswich Museum, Christchurch Park and Christchurch Mansion.

Is the Benn Act even lawful?

The Benn Act - real name European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019 - is a strange one. On one hand we have a government without a majority and a Parliament of trouble makers. and on the other the opposition ( for well known reasons ) won't get rid of the government to do the country a favour. Yet, anyhow.

End of the road for Ipswich Town?

First defeat. Accrington Stanley of all teams. again! Could the top of the table lead really be coming to an end? If history is anything to go by, the loss could be the beginning of a very mixed run of draws and losses.

Ipswich Society Award Nominations 2019

Not sure where to post this? Anyway, the nominations have been revealed for the 2019 Ipswich Society Awards. I'm not quite sure what motivates some people to put forward a nomination but I am wondering after some of those of the last few years if someone is having a bit of a laugh at the Society's expense! Some of these are simply not worthy on any level in my humble opinion and one is simply shocking, but not going to say which. .

More northern bypass details planned for ‘end of this year’

More northern bypass details planned for ‘end of this year’. The case in favour of building a northern bypass to help relieve traffic in and out of Ipswich is set to be published by the end of the year, a council leader has said. .

World Homeless Day: Nobody sleeping rough in Ipswich this winter!

Vote Labour, Ipswich MP Sandy Martin saves the day, securing hundreds of homeless people shelter this winter off the cold streets of Ipswich. by posing for a photo in front of a "Homelessness ideas tree" on the Cornhill. could he be any less of a clown if he tried harder? .

Parish says there is “no confidence” in county councillor amid northern bypass debate

Parish says there is “no confidence” in county councillor amid northern bypass debate. A Suffolk parish has said it no longer has confidence in its county councillor after failing to represent the views of his electorate during the controversial northern bypass debates. .

Calls to review Upper Orwell Crossing plans as local MP writes to Transport secretary

Calls to review Upper Orwell Crossing plans as local MP writes to Transport secretary. The appeal has come after the MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps to formally register his opposition to the county council’s proposals for the Northern Bypass. .

‘Parents were outraged’ - vital bus to Suffolk One scrapped

‘Parents were outraged’ - vital bus to Suffolk One scrapped. “Outraged” parents have spoken of their anger after a bus taking their children to Suffolk One was scrapped. .

Norwich Tunnel of Light

Has anyone been to Norwich's festive "Tunnel of Light"? It is part of their festive decorations where they bring the Northern Lights (allegedly) to Norwich. Visited in the thousands and is a selfie opportunity with the encouragement of posting to social media with the hashtag #mytunneloflight. The concept is sound. Great promotion for the city and adds fun to the visiting experience for festive shopping, a bit more novel than typical displays.

Waterfront, why are we waiting?

Now I know this topic could be endless given there is so much at the Waterfront that's unfinished or otherwise in need of attention but I have a couple of specific things I wanted to record and monitor for a kick off. St Peter Dock Works Its finished, we've discussed elsewhere how ineffective this all is but I wanted to record that last time I visited one of the new trees had already been broken off, and if this area is like elsewhere it will probably be a long while before it gets put back! Quayside adjacent to Ashton building.

Anger at decision to move Ipswich-Kesgrave 66 service bus stop

Anger at decision to move Ipswich-Kesgrave 66 service bus stop. A controversial decision to move where a well-used bus stops in Ipswich town centre had to be made in order to keep the service running, a travel firm has said. .

Arras Square Why are we waiting?

Supposed to be the next area due for a major overhaul and long overdue. Problems include paving breaking up, tree pit surrounds lifted by tree growth and the broken brick surrounds to the trees south of the church. Its a nice space, and they do seem to have improved the situation with all the illegal parking altough its had a large skip sitting outside the old BHS building for a while now which I assume is for the works now going in inside the Buttermarket Centre. The yew tree right next to the church was cut down to a stump earlier this year. Now here's the good bit!

Ipswich Buses: How much is an Adult Single fare from Ipswich to Colchester please?

Quick question for Ipswich Buses. How much is an Adult Single fare from Ipswich to Colchester please? Asked in May 2018 on Ipswich Buses' new Facebook page. No reply.

Was Ipswich Waterfront's Art Eat Festival 2019 a flop?

I was looking forward to the Art Eat Festival 2019, but missed the two day arts and food umbrella event due to other commitments. I have been looking for photos of the event but can only find artistic shots which don't show crowds or the full extent of street food stalls. even Ipswich Star which claims the event filled Ipswich Waterfront avoided showing much. I now learn the next Art Eat Festival won't be until 2021! Was Art Eat a flop?

FREE Costa Coffee from Costa Express

Costa Coffee is giving away free regular and large sized hot drinks including Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha and Hot Chocolate today from all of its Costa Express machines located from convenience shops to fuel stations. Costa Coffee acquired Coffee Nation which it rebranded as Costa Express. After introducing Marlow, the newer version of its coffee machine which is more stylish and includes fake coffee shop sounds, Costa Coffee decided to increase the cost of coffee from these machines which lost them serious amounts of business.

(IPServ) Stage Event Security: £133,477 loss

Ipswich Borough Council has been flirting of having a business empire which almost all looks to be an epic fail. Commercial vehicles such as subsidiaries like IPSERV LIMITED are intended to be a way of borrowing low interest monies and being able to make much profits. This is the fundamental concept of running a business of course, more income less expenditure! In the last financial year, IPSERV has posted a loss of £574,819. For whatever reason, IPSERV acquired Stage Event Security Ltd for an undisclosed fee.

Thousands have their say on Ipswich northern bypass in Suffolk survey

Thousands have their say on Ipswich northern bypass in Suffolk survey. The public consultation into a possible route for a northern bypass for Ipswich has attracted one of the largest responses seen by Suffolk County Council. .

Girl sexually assaulted on Cornhill in Ipswich town centre

Girl sexually assaulted on Cornhill in Ipswich town centre. Police are hunting a man who sexually assaulted a teenage girl in Ipswich town centre. .

Bus drivers overcharging at Ipswich Buses?

I got on a Route 13 bus recently. I was charged £2. 20 from Tower Ramparts Bus Station to Mallard Way roundabout. Fare stages (fare tables) suggest this is a £1. 60 fare (which I had exact change for) up from £1.

Have Ipswich Central give up on "East Anglia's Waterfront Town" slogan?

Just an observation. Ipswich Central's AllAboutIpswich twitter account bio has from "Welcome to Ipswich! East Anglia's waterfront town and the culture capital of Suffolk. Discover events, stories & things to do. Brought to you by @IpsCentral" to "Official guide to Ipswich, the oldest English town and the culture capital of Suffolk.

Is High Street fashion retail dead?

I had the rather unfortunate experience of tagging along to a series of shopping sprees for clothes and shoes amongst various cities in the last couple of weeks. and oh my. what an awful experience. Not just a woman acting like a kid in a sweet shop. but fashion retail is pretty dull and uninviting, not just for a man surrounded by womens fashion.

September 2019 downtime

The IPSWI Ipswich Forums were down due to a DNS fault that arose whilst I was away in South West of the country without access to fix. So the website was unavailable for a week. Just got home and made the immediate fix!

Watch: Ipswich MP Sandy Martin under fire from climate protesters over northern bypass

Watch: Ipswich MP Sandy Martin under fire from climate protesters over northern bypass. Hundreds of climate change protesters took to the streets in towns across the region as part of the International Day of action on climate change. .

Ipswich Tory Tom Hunt calls on Boris to back plans for a northern bypass

Ipswich Tory Tom Hunt calls on Boris to back plans for a northern bypass. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was given a run-down on the state of play in Ipswich this week by the town’s Conservative candidate Tom Hunt. .

Ipswich Society warns northern bypass won’t help town’s traffic

Ipswich Society warns northern bypass won’t help town’s traffic. The Ipswich Society has warned that a northern bypass across the town will do little to ease the area’s traffic problems – but will cause major environmental damage. .

Village joins fight against a northern bypass for Ipswich

Village joins fight against a northern bypass for Ipswich. A northern bypass for Ipswich would turn a quiet road through Little Bealings into a dangerous rat-run, local councillors have told MP Dr Dan Poulter. .

Ipswich Buses: Independent Trader initiative

Ipswich Buses are offering "special discount vouchers" on board their buses to use at independent retailers such as Tavernetta (me neither), Coffee Cat, Mr. Barbers, Hares & Graces, Watts for Lunch, Emma's Florist and Spokeworx (which ironically is a bicycle shop! ). A very good idea all credit to them. None the wiser how it works.

New opponent for Town captain Luke Chambers – the Ipswich northern bypass

New opponent for Town captain Luke Chambers – the Ipswich northern bypass. Ipswich Town captain Luke Chambers has taken on a new challenge – he’s joined the campaign to oppose plans for a new northern bypass. .

Watch: Ipswich’s unloved Cornhenge is now just a hole in the ground

Watch: Ipswich’s unloved Cornhenge is now just a hole in the ground. Cornhenge is no more! The unloved Four Gateways sculpture has been reduced to just four holes in the ground – and they will soon be filled in. .

‘He was a character’ – Ed Sheeran’s music teacher reflects on Suffolk star’s school days

‘He was a character’ – Ed Sheeran’s music teacher reflects on Suffolk star’s school days. It’s no secret that Suffolk superstar Ed Sheeran has always been musical, but some may not know he was once something of a hit in his school productions – with roles in Grease and The Sound of Music. .

‘He was my support act!’ – Ed Sheeran’s singing teacher recalls early concert with ‘humble’ star

‘He was my support act! ’ – Ed Sheeran’s singing teacher recalls early concert with ‘humble’ star. Not many people can say they have shared a stage with a global superstar – but for Ed Sheeran’s former singing teacher, it was just another day at the office. .

Looking back at Ed Sheeran at Chantry Park - in pictures

Looking back at Ed Sheeran at Chantry Park - in pictures. A week after Ed Sheeran graced the stage at Chantry Park for his big home coming gigs - we look back on his unforgettable performances. .

Chantry Park back to former glory following big Ed Sheeran gigs

Chantry Park back to former glory following big Ed Sheeran gigs. A week on from the big Ed Sheeran homecoming concerts, Chantry Park is all cleaned up and back to its former glory. .

WATCH: Relive the Ed Sheeran concerts

WATCH: Relive the Ed Sheeran concerts. A week after the gigs kicked off relive the final days of Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour at Chantry Park. .

End of the road for Ipswich’s Dennis buses after nearly four decades

End of the road for Ipswich’s Dennis buses after nearly four decades. It was the end of an era for Ipswich Buses at the weekend because its last five Dennis-built vehicles are being withdrawn after an association with the manufacturer lasting nearly four decades. .

Caswell recalls the “aspirational” moment she chilled with Ed Sheeran after Ipswich gig

Caswell recalls the “aspirational” moment she chilled with Ed Sheeran after Ipswich gig. Ipswich singer Caswell has just experienced the most “amazing day of her life” after performing to 40,000 people at Chantry Park and hanging out with Ed Sheeran in her dressing room. .

Framlingham Town starts selling replica Ed Sheeran shirts

Framlingham Town starts selling replica Ed Sheeran shirts. Days after Ed Sheeran was spotted wearing it on stage, fans will now be able to get their hands on a replica Framlingham Town shirt normally reserved for players. .

Ed Sheeran: Ipswich faces weeks of roadworks after park gigs

Work to restore the roads will start in September. Continue reading. on BBC News website.

What are the real arguments behind debate over Ipswich northern bypass

What are the real arguments behind debate over Ipswich northern bypass. The debate over the Ipswich northern bypass – or Northern Route as councillors like to call it – sometimes looks like a gift that keeps on giving for political journalists like myself. .

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